What Do Accident Lawyers Do After An Accident?

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An accident can be life-changing, whether you're the victim or the perpetrator of the crash. The damage can range from physical harm to financial loss, so it's no surprise that many people choose to hire an accident lawyer after they've been in an accident. These lawyers can advise you on what to do next, whether filing an insurance claim or speaking with the police about your role in the accident. For all of this and more, read on to find out what accident lawyers do after an accident?

13 April 2022

3 Ways A Family Lawyer Can Assist You

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A divorce can be accompanied by a lot of emotions, and making decisions in this state can sometimes be difficult. It's advisable to work with a family attorney to make sure you don't make mistakes that could jeopardize your case. Read on to find out how these lawyers can assist you. They Understand Family Law Better  Understanding family law isn't easy because it's different from state to state and has terms that only legal professionals understand.

9 March 2022

Can You Pay Off A Loved One's Loan To Inherit Their Car?

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Since many people take out car loans, it's common for a loved one to leave behind a car that still has a loan on it when they die. If you pay off that loan, does that mean the car is yours to inherit? Here's what you should do. Do You Have to Pay a Loved One's Debts? The first thing you need to know is that you never have an obligation to pay off a loved one's debts.

26 January 2022

Dog Owners Are Liable Even For Rabid Dog Bites

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When a dog is infected with rabies, they are able to transfer rabies through saliva. Therefore, if a dog bites you, the saliva, infected with rabies, may lead to you also contracting rabies.  After you have received treatment for your rabies, you'll want to contact a dog bite lawyer to determine whether you have a case. Seek Medical Treatment Immediately Rabies is a medical emergency and you will need a rabies shot to save your life.

16 December 2021

Homemaker Compensation After An Accident

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Auto accidents can affect a wide array of issues. If you must miss work, for example, you may be entitled to be paid for any lost wages due to the accident — as long as you were not at fault and you were physically injured. What if you are a stay-at-home caregiver, though? Read on and learn more about being compensated for homemaker damages after an accident. What Are Homemaking Duties?

28 September 2021

You've Been Served: What Happens After Divorce Papers Are Served

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Even those expecting it can feel a sense of shock and confusion after being served with divorce papers. What you do next is important, though. Read on and find out what your next moves must be after being served. Get a Lawyer and Get Protection Get over the surprise of being served and begin taking action — that is always a great way to deal with stressful situations. In this case, speaking to a divorce attorney very soon is important.

28 September 2021

Are You Eligible For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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Before you can use any bankruptcy branch, you must first go through a process to determine if you are eligible for the branch you want to use. If you want to use Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will need to pass a few tests first. If this is your goal, you might wonder about the eligibility guidelines for Chapter 7. Here are the main ones that your bankruptcy lawyer will talk to you about during your first meeting.

24 August 2021

Personal Injury Protection Benefits And Your Lawsuit: What You Need To Know

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When you suffer an injury in an accident, you can expect to take some time off work to heal. Based on your injury, you could be out of work for a long time. This could mean you will be without an income for a long period of time. Unless you have months of your salary saved, you can face some devastating financial consequences. If your accident was due to the negligence of another party, you can opt to file a personal injury lawsuit that also includes the recovery of your lost wages.

22 July 2021

5 Benefits Of Crafting A Good Communication Plan During Divorce

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Communication with your spouse during divorce proceedings is unavoidable. But you have many good reasons to be cautious about your method and style of communicating. What are some of these reasons? Here are five important benefits of crafting a productive communication style at this time. 1. You Stay Out of the Past Emotions run high during most divorces, and you can easily become distracted or angered by past issues when dealing with your spouse.

18 June 2021

Can You Sue a Home Seller for Undisclosed Damage?

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When you close on the purchase of a new home, you may be excited to move in immediately and start living in your new neighborhood. However, all your plans could come to a grinding halt if you soon discover defects or damage in the home that the seller didn't tell you about. Repairing this damage could cost much more than you can afford after you've just paid for a down payment.

18 May 2021