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Healthcare Fraud: Did You Suffer From Assisted Living Abuse?

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If you suspect an assisted living facility committed healthcare fraud against you, you may wonder if you need the assistance of an attorney soon. Healthcare fraud is a form of assisted and nursing home abuse. If a facility lied to your health insurance provider about your care in order to obtain additional funding from them, an attorney may be able to help you file a claim against the facility. Learn more about healthcare fraud and how an assisted living abuse attorney can help you fight it below.

What's Healthcare Fraud?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, healthcare fraud causes a great deal of pain and financial problems for everyone involved in it. Healthcare fraud occurs when an individual or a company lies or uses deceptive practices to obtain money or extra benefits from a business, a health insurance provider, or a patient. The deception not only hurts its victims — it also causes problems for their insurers. 

Healthcare fraud comes in many forms, including medication errors, double billing, and upcoding. Medication errors occur when a doctor or nurse gives a patient the wrong medication or the incorrect dose of a medication. The error can cause severe health problems for a patient, or even death.

Double billing and upcoding occur when a healthcare provider overcharges a patient for their services, or when a provider submits the wrong billing codes for the services they render a patient. The inaccurate information allows a provider to receive more benefits or money for their services than they'd receive if they submitted the correct information. 

If an assisted living provider committed healthcare fraud against you, reach out to an attorney now. 

How Do You File a Healthcare Fraud Claim?

Before an assisted living abuse attorney helps you, they must first investigate the assisted living facility in question. An investigation allows an attorney to:

  • uncover previous cases of fraud or fraud claims against the facility
  • retrieve documentation of your medical care from the facility
  • obtain billing records of your care from the facility

If the billing records don't match the care or services you received from the assisted living facility, an attorney can submit a healthcare fraud claim on your behalf. An attorney may also request affidavits, or written statements, from the facility's billing department, nurses, and management team. 

An attorney will inform you about your healthcare fraud claim until it completes.

Learn more about healthcare fraud by consulting an assisted living abuse lawyer today. 


13 June 2023