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Examples Of Times When You May Want To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer

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Even though you might have hired other types of lawyers at various points, you might have never been in a position where you needed a real estate lawyer. However, real estate lawyers and their legal services can be quite useful in a number of scenarios. These are some of the times when you may need to hire a real estate attorney.

You're Selling a House

If you are thinking about selling your house, you might have contacted a real estate agent to help you. Although a real estate agent can be very helpful in explaining the process and finding a buyer, you may still want to hire a real estate lawyer. They can do things like make sure there are no issues with easements or a title search, and they can help with writing and reading any contracts. You can work with both your real estate agent and your real estate lawyer to get the help you need with selling your home.

You're Buying a House

If you're interested in buying a house, you might be worried about whether or not things will go well, particularly if it's your first experience. Having a real estate lawyer walk you through the process, run a search for liens or other issues with the property, and otherwise help you can be incredibly helpful. Plus, you'll probably have peace of mind knowing that there is a legal professional on your side.

You're a Landlord

If you are already a landlord and don't have a real estate lawyer, you are taking a big risk. The truth is, there are many things one of these lawyers can help with if you own rental property, whether you have just one rental home or multiple large apartment buildings. For one thing, you might not be totally familiar with landlord and tenant rights, but it's critical to know about these things to avoid lawsuits and other issues. You might have just used a boilerplate lease that you found online, but it might be outdated or inappropriate for your state, so you may want to hire a lawyer who can look over it or make you a new one. If you have a tenant who has violated their lease or who is behind on their rent, you may need a lawyer's help to take action, since evictions can be challenging, and there are often multiple steps that you have to follow to the letter. If you have a real estate lawyer on retainer, you should be able to get their help with all of these matters, as well as anything else that you might need help with.

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2 May 2023