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When Should You Work With A Child Custody Attorney?

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Child custody cases can be complex, particularly if both parents desire to win the primary placement of the kids. But, every case is different, so what you may go through in your custody battle may differ from what another couple faces. 

The safest thing to do if you want what's best for your children is to work with a child custody attorney. This professional will have the capacity to defend the kids' rights because they understand child custody law. Besides, unlike you, they will be emotionally and mentally capable of defending the kids. Here are instances when you should consider working with an attorney.

The Case Is Getting Complicated

Sometimes, you may start the custody battle on an excellent note. Maybe you and your ex-partner agree on most matters and are willing to compromise on various aspects to ensure the kids are comfortable with the changes. However, if your ex-partner changes their mind on aspects you had resolved, you may need an attorney's help. 

For instance, if your ex relocates to another town with the kids or they decide to remarry, they may find it hard to abide by the initial custody agreement. Some parents sometimes decide to withdraw child support without having a discussion. An attorney can help you find amicable solutions to complicated situations in your child custody battle.

You Have Proof That the Kids Aren't Safe

The safety of the children is paramount in any child custody case. If you know that the kids aren't safe because of the environment or living conditions in your ex's house, you should act immediately. But, don't rush to confront them or issue threats. 

The best way to resolve the problem is to involve an attorney. The child placement attorney will examine the details of the case and determine if it's best to change the custody arrangement. The attorney can even recommend emergency relief from a court to protect the kids if they are in a risky situation.

Your Visitation Rights Are Being Denied

If you have just separated or the divorce process is ongoing, your ex-partner may choose to keep the children away from you. This often happens when the divorce is messy and the couples are still emotional. 

Some do this out of spite, while others withhold the kids to keep them safe. If you are facing this situation, you should get a custody attorney. This professional can help you devise a favorable arrangement that will work out for you and the kids. Such an agreement will maintain peace until the trial is complete and the judge pronounces the judgment.

Contact a family law attorney for more information. 


8 September 2022