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How To Increase Your Success Chances When Seeking Payments After A Disability

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As you prepare to apply for disability payments, one of your biggest concerns might be what you can do to make your first application successful. First, you must prove that you have a sickness or injury limiting you from performing your work. The insurance company will require you to provide sufficient documentation to support your claim. They must have a doctor's report indicating that you will be risking your life or health if you continue attending work in your current condition. A lawyer can assist you in getting all the information you need and give you the following advice to make your application successful.

Know Your Policy

Your legal advisor will ask you to obtain a copy of your disability policy before applying for the payments. They will review it to know what the pre-existing clause states and what length of time you must have been employed to get disability coverage. Your attorney will also find out whether there are any limiting factors in your policy and recommend the best option for your situation. For instance, your agreement might indicate that you can only get disability payments after suffering a medical condition like mental and nervous problems. Reviewing your policy will let your lawyer know the terms and conditions you must meet to qualify for the payments. Therefore, they will be able to know measures to take to ensure that your application is successful.  

Get Enough Information

Your insurer will require detailed information about your condition to determine whether you qualify for the benefits you seek. Therefore, you must provide as much information as possible about your condition. It should show the examinations you have undergone, an analysis of your symptoms, and a doctor's opinion indicating that you can't perform certain tasks in your current condition. A report indicating that you only visited the hospital once might not be enough to convince the insurance firm to grant your request. Unless you've suffered a catastrophic injury, you must build your medical records for an extended period to qualify for the payments.

Work With an Attorney

Every disability case is unique, and the facts you need to support your case will depend on your situation. Your lawyer's primary responsibility is to ensure that you have all the documents to support your claim. They will then ask you several questions to get essential information to include in your application to make it as strong as possible. Your legal advisor will prepare your claim, ensuring they observe all the filing requirements.  

Qualifying for disability payments can be easy if you take the measures above. Most importantly, contact an attorney dealing with disability payments immediately after you decide to apply, and they will guide you through the process to ensure that your application is successful.

Click here or contact your social security disability layer for more information.


13 July 2022