Dividing Your Assets in a Divorce: Equitable Property Division vs. Community Property States

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If you and your spouse are getting a divorce, it's important to know your rights when it comes to dividing up marital property. If you live in one of the few community property states, your marital assets will be divided in half. In the rest of the states, your property will be divided up into what is deemed equitable for both parties. While coming up with an agreement is usually preferred by both parties, if your ex won't budge on negotiating property division, you will probably have to fight for what you deserve in court.

27 January 2017

Why Does The Social Security Administration Reject Disability Claims?

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A significant portion of the applications for Social Security disability are denied each year. Unfortunately, when you apply for benefits, you could become one of those denials. To lower the chances of that happening, you need to understand some of the most common reasons that claims are denied.   You Missed a Consultative Exam Even though you are receiving treatment from your own doctors and provided your medical records to the Social Security Administration, or SSA, the agency might still ask that you undergo an examination with an independent medical examiner.

4 January 2017

Four Things You Need To Do If You Become Disabled

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If you suffer a serious injury, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Not only do you need to recover from the injury, but you need to take steps to preserve your financial security and make sure that you can pay your bills. Tackle these tasks as soon as possible after your injury. 1. Apply for Social Security Disability Social Security disability pays benefits to individuals who are expected to have a medical condition that lasts for at least a year, rendering them unable to work.

15 December 2016

Words Can Hurt: 3 Steps To Take If You've Been Defamed

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They say that words will never hurt you. Unfortunately, that's not always correct, especially when it comes to defamation of character – whether slander or libel. If you've been defamed, words can definitely hurt you. Not sure what the difference between slander and libel is? Slander involves the spoken word. Libel involves the written word. Because libel is in print, it usually has the tendency to cause more harm – since the printed word tends to hang around much longer than the spoken word.

28 November 2016

A Quick Guide To Your Rights To A Civil Suit As A Domestic Violence Survivor

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If you have exhausted the options in your area or otherwise feel as if you have not gotten adequate justice from the state in which you live after domestic violence, it may be possible to seek additional compensation through the civil court system. It is important to note that a civil suit should not be pursued in lieu of a restraining order and you should plan to continue working with the state to gain any necessary protection or enforcement of broken laws.

4 November 2016

The Heart Of The Family: Real Estate And Probate

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The term "real estate" seldom reveals its true meaning to those who call a house their home. The family home often comprises more than simply the bulk of an estate; it contains the memories of a family's lifetime spent living there. If you are the personal representative (or executor) of the will for your widowed parent, you may be faced with some difficult decisions when it comes time to probate the will.

14 October 2016

3 Things to Look for When Examining Trucking-Company Driving Records for Your Case

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When you are building a personal-injury lawsuit against a trucking company due to an accident that you got into with a commercial truck, it is vital that your lawyer requests access to the driver records for the driver who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident that you were involved in. When the trucking company hands over their driver records, here are three things you need to check up on that could potentially strengthen your case.

6 October 2016