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Leg Injuries And Personal Injury Compensation

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Car accidents can cause injuries to almost any body part. However, the legs of car accident victims seem to be especially vulnerable in a crash. Read on and learn more about leg injuries and car accident compensation.

Leg Injuries Can be Debilitating

It's easy to imagine how the legs can be impacted by an accident. Drivers may find their legs braced against the brake or gas pedal during a crash. Although the engine compartment is separated from the passenger compartment, during a wreck that could be breached, and dangerous vehicle parts could impact the legs. Legs and feet can be fractured, broken, and even crushed.

Leg injuries affect a victim's life in a major way. When your mobility is limited, you must depend on others to help you get around. You may have trouble even walking to the bathroom by yourself. Some leg injuries take a long time to heal when the victim must undergo surgery. Months of physical therapy may be needed before the victim can return to anything like a normal life.

Get Paid for Your Injuries

Medical treatment costs are likely covered by insurance. If the other driver caused the accident, you will be filing a claim with their insurer for your medical damages. However, you are entitled to a lot more than just medical expense coverage — if you are dealing with serious injuries such as to a leg or knee, you may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. This form of damage may only be available if you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you, however.

Pay for Pain and Suffering

If you have leg injuries, you are likely dealing with quite a bit of pain and suffering. This form of damage applies to the pain you have felt every day since the accident, the discomfort of not being able to get around on your own, and the mental health impact that comes with such a serious injury. That is pain and suffering.

The amount you are paid depends on the dollar cost of your medical treatment, in many cases. Your medical treatment dollar amount tells the insurer that you have a life-changing injury to deal with. Furthermore, consider what will happen to your leg injury in the future. Most leg injuries take many months to get better. You might even need more surgery in the future.

Your personal injury lawyer knows how to calculate your compensation so that you get paid for your medical bills and your pain and suffering, both past and future. Speak to an auto accident lawyer to find out more.


5 October 2022