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3 Things You Should Never Do Before Consulting A Car Accident Lawyer

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Consulting a car accident lawyer after being injured in a car wreck is a very important part of making sure you get all of the compensation that you are entitled to. Unfortunately, many people make a few common mistakes before contacting a lawyer regarding their case. These mistakes can have a negative impact on a lawyer's ability to help you get more compensation for your injuries. Thankfully, you can avoid finding yourself in this same position by taking the time to review the three things that you should never do before consulting a car accident lawyer.

#1: Never Accept Liability

Everything that you do after being involved in an accident can potentially be used against you when it comes to paying you the compensation that you deserve. This includes statements of liability that may be made at the scene of the accident. For instance, if you indicate to the other driver or law enforcement that you were even partially to blame for causing the accident, this statement can be used to assign legal liability. That is why it is so important to never accept liability in any way before contacting a car accident lawyer. 

#2: Never Give A Statement To The Insurance Company

When filing a claim with the insurance company after your accident, you will be asked to provide them with a statement regarding what happened. While giving this type of statement can seem harmless, it is important to understand that the insurance company can use any information you provide in order to try and deny or limit their liability. Consequently, it is always best to allow all statements to go through your lawyer rather than you communicating directly with the insurance company. That is why after reporting your accident, it is always best to inform the insurance company that you will not be making any statements until after you have had a chance to consult with a car accident lawyer. 

#3: Never Accept A Payment

It is quite common for people to try and work things out on their own before deciding to contact a car accident lawyer. In some cases, this will result in them accepting payment for damages or medical expenses either through the insurance company or directly from the other driver. The problem with this is that the law only gives you one bite at the apple. If you accept payment for damages, you cannot go back and seek more compensation at a later date simply because you chose to initially accept less than you were entitled to. That is why it is so important to never accept any form of payment before consulting a car accident lawyer first. 

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13 July 2022