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3 Issues That Might Prolong Your Truck Crash Claim

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When filing a claim after a collision with a semi, you expect the process to take the shortest time possible. However, this might not be the case, especially if complex issues arise in your claim. When this happens, you should consider enlisting the services of a truck accident attorney. They will evaluate your case and recommend strategies that will provide the best outcome for your situation. Here are some issues that might prolong your truck crash claim and how your legal advisor can help.

Determining What Caused the Crash 

Several factors cause truck accidents. Therefore, it's important to determine what may have contributed to the crash to know who to hold accountable. Some collisions happen because of driving errors, while others occur due to bad weather or impossible road condition. No matter the case, you must prove the liable party to get compensation. For example, the accident could have been caused by cargo loading errors, overloading one side, or failing to secure tie-down straps properly. The collision may also have occurred because of the trucking company's negligence. Your lawyer will thoroughly investigate the actual cause of the truck accident and know all the parties to name as defendants when preparing your claim.

Determining the Wrongdoers

Determining fault might be less complicated if your accident only involved your vehicle and the big rig. However, it can be difficult to decide on the wrongdoer if several vehicles are involved. Although truckers might take the biggest blame for triggering the accident, they might not be the only responsible parties. In such a case, your attorney may involve professional accident investigators to analyze the crash to determine the main culprit. They will also identify other parties that could have played any part in the crash.

Defenses from the Trucking Company

If the trucking company realizes they are to blame for the collision, they might get a legal team to fight your claim. Their lawyers will raise different arguments to challenge your evidence. Your lawyer must present compelling evidence proving the company's arguments are baseless. They might also want to take the case to trial, making the process more complicated. However, your legal advisor will fight for you in court to ensure that the trucking firm pays for their crime and fully compensates you for your damages.

The issues mentioned above can complicate your truck crash claim and prolong it by several weeks or months. However, with a truck accident lawyer by your side, you don't have to worry about failing to get compensation. They will help you navigate any complex matters that might arise in your case, ensuring you get all the payments you deserve.  

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14 June 2022