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How Your Legal Advisor Will Help You Settle Your Case Out Of Court After A Slip And Fall Accident

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Some injuries resulting from slipping or tripping accidentally can take time to heal. Therefore, you may want to settle your case within the shortest time possible to concentrate on recovery. A professional lawyer can help you determine the best settlement option, ensuring that you get the best payment without delay. Your legal advisor may opt to settle your case out of court because it is less expensive and might take less time than the court process. They will take the following steps to help you reach an amicable settlement.

They Will Get Information to Help Them Prove Your Case

Your attorney will start by evaluating your case to determine its facts and circumstances. That will make them know the evidence they would require to help you get the highest payment possible. Your legal advisor knows that the defendant and their insurer may dispute your injury claims as a way to try and pay you a lower payment. Therefore, they will get compelling evidence to prove that a dangerous condition on their property caused your injuries.

Your attorney will also want to prove that the property owner had enough time to correct the mistake, but they didn't. They will argue that the person in charge of the building could have cleaned, fixed, or warned workers and visitors that there was a hazard in the building. That will enable your lawyer to prove who was responsible for your injuries, ensuring that they take full responsibility.

They Will Handle Settlement Negotiations

When your lawyer files your claim, the insurance company may request time to evaluate your evidence. They may also want to conduct investigations to determine what happened. After that, the insurer will place an offer they believe is equivalent to your damages. Your legal advisor will review the offer to determine whether it will be enough to cover all the losses caused by the accident. If the payment is less than you deserve, your attorney will keep negotiating until you get an acceptable payment.

Your legal advisor works for your best interests. Therefore, they will table documents showing the amount of money you've spent and require for doctor visits, diagnostic testing, therapy, and other expenses. They will also present information showing the pain and suffering the injuries have caused in your life. In addition, your lawyer will provide documents showing the amount of money you've lost and what you may lose until you recover.

An out-of-court settlement is a good settlement option when pursuing compensation after slipping or tripping accidentally on another person's property. However, you may consider working with an experienced slip and fall accident attorney to help you get an acceptable payment. They will take the measures above to enable you to get an acceptable payment without going to court. 

Contact a local slip and fall accident attorney for more info. 


17 May 2022