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Dog Owners Are Liable Even For Rabid Dog Bites

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When a dog is infected with rabies, they are able to transfer rabies through saliva. Therefore, if a dog bites you, the saliva, infected with rabies, may lead to you also contracting rabies.  After you have received treatment for your rabies, you'll want to contact a dog bite lawyer to determine whether you have a case.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Rabies is a medical emergency and you will need a rabies shot to save your life. If you are not able to obtain a rabies shot, there are some emergency treatments that might work, but you may suffer from long-term health complications as a result, such as brain damage. There are also only a handful of individuals who have survived rabies that have progressed to this stage.

Rabies Vaccination Statutes

Many states have statutes that mandate that dog owners have their dogs vaccinated against rabies. Therefore, if the dog that bit you was not vaccinated, the owner of the dog may have violated this statute.

Dog Bite Statutes

The state in which you reside might also have a dog bite statute. This means that the owner of the dog will be responsible for any dog bites that are caused by their dog. This is referred to as "strict liability" and means that the owner does not have to be negligent to be held liable for the dog bite.

However, there are some exceptions to dog bite statutes. If the dog owner can prove that you provoked the dog, if you were trespassing, or if you were committing a crime, the owner might not be held liable.

Damages Awarded for Dog Bites

You will be entitled to compensation for the costs associated with your medical treatment and any medications you may have needed. For example, if you were given the rabies vaccine and the rabies immune globulin, you will be entitled to compensation for the cost of this treatment. However, you will need to file this lawsuit within the statute of limitations.

The Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer

A lawyer will help you understand what your legal options are and will help you gather evidence to prove that the owner is liable under the laws of your state. They will also help you calculate the damages you have suffered so you can pursue a settlement with the dog owner or with the relevant insurance provider who might cover the incident.


16 December 2021