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5 Benefits Of Crafting A Good Communication Plan During Divorce

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Communication with your spouse during divorce proceedings is unavoidable. But you have many good reasons to be cautious about your method and style of communicating. What are some of these reasons? Here are five important benefits of crafting a productive communication style at this time.

1. You Stay Out of the Past

Emotions run high during most divorces, and you can easily become distracted or angered by past issues when dealing with your spouse. Badly-worded communications could result in the two of you rehashing old grievances — like cheating or money arguments — rather than staying focused on what actually needs to be resolved in order to complete the divorce. 

2. Your Words May Be Used Against You

Be aware that anything you say or write before and during the divorce process could be used against you. This could be direct — such as an angry text used by the other side to counter a claim — or it could be indirect, like an emotional accusation that derails otherwise promising negotiations. Every communication, both oral and written, must be vetted to avoid giving anyone unnecessary ammunition. 

3. You Risk Fewer Sticking Points

Without a clear communications strategy, you can easily become embroiled in debates and negotiations over minor things. Many couples prefer to use written communications like email so they can reread and rework their statements to avoid causing more problems. This can prevent, for example, a conversation about the status of the marital home from accidentally devolving into an argument over every single piece of furniture inside it.

4. It Saves Time and Money

Good communication doesn't just make things less stressful; it can also keep the process running smoothly and faster. This is great for your divorce budget. If you can avoid aggravating your ex-spouse and making them dig in their heels, you can get past many hurdles. This means less time spent with your attorney, fewer paid services needed, and the avoidance of an expensive court case. 

5. You May Still Have to Work Together

While some couples sign divorce documents and walk away permanently, this isn't always the case. If you must co-parent, run a family business, or even run in the same social circles after the divorce, now is the time to begin a healthy working relationship. Harsh words and emotional responses can make things difficult for years to come. 

Where to Get More Help

Designing a good communication plan, setting ground rules, and maintaining effective communications is challenging for most. The best place to get help with this is by meeting with a divorce lawyer in your state. Make an appointment today so you can begin avoiding trouble no matter what stage your divorce is in. 


18 June 2021