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3 Strategies To Keep Your Assets Out Of Probate

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Coping with the death of a loved one is challenging. The last thing you want to do is leave your surviving family members with the burden of dealing with the probate process. Probate is a time-consuming and costly process that could take years to resolve.

The best way to protect your family from probate is to exercise proper estate planning strategies before your death. You can work with the right attorney to complete estate planning tasks that will prevent your assets from going into probate.

1. Create a Living Trust

A living trust can be established by your probate lawyer. The purpose of a living trust is to place your assets into a protected entity. You can still benefit from the assets while you are alive, and they will become the property of the named beneficiary after your passing. Generally, a trustee oversees the dispersal of the assets to prevent any fraud. A living trust can be a valuable tool that will help ensure your assets pass seamlessly to your heirs after your death.

2. Establish Joint Property Ownership

Real estate assets are some of the most valuable belongings in any individual's portfolio. If you want to prevent your real estate assets from going to probate after your death, you must work with your attorney to establish joint property ownership.

There are two types of joint ownership strategies you can use when preparing your estate. Joint tenancy ensures that the individual living in a property with you (like a spouse or child) will take ownership of the property after your death. Alternatively, right to survivorship is another type of joint property ownership. Your attorney can prepare property documents that appoint an individual who will take over the property once you pass away.

3. Name Beneficiaries

Another effective strategy for avoiding probate is the naming of beneficiaries. Many financial accounts provide the opportunity to name a beneficiary that will be awarded ownership of the account after your passing. You should take advantage of this opportunity to prevent valuable assets like your 401(k) account, checking and savings accounts, and life insurance policies from ending up in probate court.

Few people like to think about their own death, but estate planning is an important task. You will need to work closely with your attorney to employ estate planning strategies that will keep your assets out of probate court and in the hands of your loved ones after your death. Contact a probate lawyer for more information. 


12 February 2021