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The Creditor's Meeting Is Over: What Now?

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Bankruptcy is a process, and Chapter 7 bankruptcies are marked with a big milestone — the creditor's meeting. This meeting might come a month or so after you file and is probably the only time you must appear before any sort of official during the bankruptcy. Some people needlessly dread this meeting and are happy when it's over. The meeting might be over, but there are still things going on with your Chapter 7, and the final petition is still some time away. Read on to find out about some last-minute things happening with your bankruptcy.

Coping With Creditors

In most cases, creditors never bother to appear at their namesake meeting. If they do, however, you may have more to do. Only rarely do creditors object to their inclusion in a bankruptcy. Some common issues that you may have to deal with after the meeting might include the use of credit cards before filing. Both charges for purchases and taking cash advances can come under scrutiny. You are allowed to use the cards to purchase needed services or items but not for frivolous things. In addition, some creditors may object if you were less than honest about your income when you applied for credit. If the creditors object, they will have to be satisfied before the bankruptcy can continue. Your bankruptcy lawyer will know what to do to help.

Affirm Debts

You can opt to continue paying a debt that is connected to property like a vehicle. Some reaffirmations take place during the creditor's meeting, but this can vary. A reaffirmation is a simple declaration and pledge to continue paying your auto loan as agreed. It should be noted that you have to be up-to-date on your loan to carry out a reaffirmation.

Debtor Education Class

This class is meant to provide filers with personal finance information so they can make better decisions after their bankruptcy. Once the creditor's meeting is over, you may take the class at any time, but you must complete it before your bankruptcy can be final. Topics covered include:

  • Budgeting
  • Saving for emergencies
  • How to obtain and use credit in the future
  • How to check your credit report for accuracy and how to dispute mistakes
  • What to do if contacted by any creditors listed on your bankruptcy forms

Your bankruptcy is almost over and the issues above are likely to be minor and quickly resolved. Speak to a bankruptcy law firm, such as Martinez Law Firm, to find out more.


13 January 2021