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Three Situations When You Need To Consult With A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

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Most companies are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance for their employees. If you get hurt on the job, you can file a claim and receive benefits while you recover from your injuries. There are times, however, when you can run into problems with your benefits. When this happens, you should consult with an attorney. The following are a few situations when this can occur.

You are denied benefits

There are many reasons this can happen, but at the top of the list is the insurance company or your employer simply doesn't believe you were injured on the job. There is no dispute about your injury. You have it well documented with a visit to the hospital or a doctor, but they claim that you were hurt after working hours or on the weekend. When you are in this situation, you are not likely to succeed in arguing with the insurance company. It is a better idea to speak to an attorney to understand your options.

Your benefits are cut short

Most people receiving benefits will, at some point, return to work. But it is possible that an insurance company will determine that the time away from work has been sufficient for your type of injury and your benefits are canceled. But although you are expected to return to work, you know that this is not possible. In this case, you need to speak to an attorney with experience in workers' compensation benefits. It may be a simple matter of gathering more information about your condition for the insurance company.

Your claim for benefits is overturned

This can happen if someone saw you doing a physical activity that is not compatible with the injuries you have. Someone you work with might get angry, thinking you are not as hurt as you claim. The person who reported you may have seen or read something about you on a social media site that was from before your injury. Any time you are accused of faking an injury, it is a serious situation because you are being accused of fraud. Criminal charges are possible. If this happens to you, contact an attorney immediately.

You may never have a problem filing for workers' compensation benefits, but if you are denied your claim, you should consult with an attorney. But keep in mind, once you begin receiving benefits, there is no guarantee they will keep coming. The insurance company and your employer may think that you have had enough time to recover from your injuries. And in some situations, a false report may be made against you, and this results in losing your benefits. Always speak to a workers' compensation attorney when this happens.


15 October 2020