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How To Win A Dog Bite Personal Injury Case To Ensure You Get Compensated

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In the United States, there are thousands of dog owners who never have a problem with walking their dog or having people over to their house. These dogs are friendly and haven't posed a dangerous threat to anyone. However, there are times when a dog can bite and seriously injure pedestrians or visitors to a home.

If you were injured in a dog bite incident, you could be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. There are a few ways to prove your case in court and hiring the right personal injury lawyer can help you through what you need to do. Here is more information on how to win a dog bite personal injury lawsuit.

The Owner's Liability

Dog owners have a certain civil and legal liability to controlling their dog's actions and movements. If they are negligent in that aspect, they can be sued for failing to protect the public from harm. Civil liability in regards to their dog means that they have a responsibility to make sure if the dog is outside in the yard that the gate is firmly closed and locked at all times.

They also need to have complete control over the dog during walks around the neighborhood and not let the dog get too close to others, especially if the passing pedestrian has tried to move away. If the bite occurred this way, you could be compensated for the owner's civil liability negligence in controlling the dog.

Also, the owner could face criminal liability issues if the dog has a history of biting or aggressive behavior. This is true if the owner knows about the behavior problems and has done nothing to try to correct it or to keep the public protected from their dog. If you were bitten by a dog who has a history of biting or aggression, you could win your personal injury lawsuit.

Contact Animal Control As Well As 911

Call 911 to ensure any medical treatment is on their way quickly. The police will also be dispatched to gather evidence in the case and talk to everyone who witnessed the incident. The police will take your statement, the owner's statement, and gather any video evidence or photos you or someone else has taken of the bite, and if possible of the dog too.

Contacting animal control can help you find out if the dog has been vaccinated recently and if they have a history of being called to the home for reports of dog aggression. They also have the ability to take the dog away for assessment and to ensure the dog doesn't have rabies. This paperwork can help you win your case if there is evidence of previous biting history with this dog. 


15 July 2020