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Can Truck Cargo Cause An Automobile Accident?

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An accident involving a cargo truck can be catastrophic for everyone on the roadway. While some accidents can be attributed to negligent action on behalf of the drivers of either vehicle, other accidents are a result of cargo falling from the truck. If you can prove the cargo on a truck was not loaded correctly and it was the direct cause of your accident, you may have a good cause for a lawsuit. Here are some things you should know:

Why Is Cargo Loading Important?

When cargo is loaded onto a truck, it has to be done in a precise fashion. When the cargo is not loaded carefully, it can cause drivability issues for the truck. The cargo can shift and add too much weight to one area of the truck, causing it to swerve or tip over into other vehicles. The cargo can also fall off the truck while driving, leaving other drivers to hit the cargo with their vehicles. If a car tries to swerve to miss cargo in the road, chances are high the car can get into a crash.

What Are Some Ways You Can Tell the Cargo Is Loaded Incorrectly?

There are several telltale signs when cargo is not loaded correctly onto a truck. There are obvious signs, such as clear overloading or if the cargo cannot be fully covered. The cargo should also have proper tie-downs, and enough tie-downs to handle the amount of cargo on the truck. The cargo should also be evenly distributed along the truck bed to considered properly loaded. Any of these issues can lead to major accidents.

Do You Need to Hire an Attorney?

If you are involved in an accident with a cargo truck and you believe the cause was negligent cargo loading, you need to call your personal injury attorney right away. Your attorney will work to find the evidence to help you win the case. Evidence includes the person or entity charged with loading the cargo onto the truck, whether or not the cargo was overloaded or improperly loaded, whether the cargo was not tied down, and any security footage of the loading of the cargo. The information collected by your attorney, as well as your physical evidence, will be used to determine if you are entitled to compensation for your damages, including medical expenses and property damage. An accident with a large truck can be traumatic, and you should work to ensure you are covered if the truck is at fault.

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5 September 2019