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If you've been arrested for a crime you didn't commit, you need to defend your legal rights. You have the right to an attorney who can help you present your case. After being wrongly accused of something myself, I learned quickly how to navigate the legal avenues to have my case dismissed. My attorney was a great resource for building the case, and because of my understanding of the law, it worked. I created this site to share what I learned along the way and some other great tips for others who have been wrongly accused and arrested for a crime.

Does Divorce Change The Second Time Around? Tips For A Second Divorce

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Depending on whether or not you learned from your past mistakes, your second divorce can be a lot different from your first one. The first divorce is usually a difficult process because it's new territory for those going through it.

Many people who get a divorce will eventually get remarried. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that your second marriage will do any better than your first one. Having gone through the divorce process once already, there are certain things that should be clearer for you the second time around.

Choose the Best Attorney Possible

If you've been through one divorce, you already know how important it is to have the best divorce attorney in the room. Whether this is because your attorney was very successful or because your spouse's attorney did a fantastic job, this is a good time to remember that you've probably seen at least one good attorney in action.

If your divorce attorney was good, the fact that you already have an established relationship with them can make things go smoother. If your spouse's attorney was clearly better, don't be too proud to ask for a recommendation.

Be Better Prepared Than You Were the First Time

First divorces carry their fair share of surprises. Many people are surprised to find out just how much money they need to carry them through the process. You may also be familiar with the emotional strain that going through a divorce can cause to both parties.

If you wasted a lot of time and money fighting over issues that were ultimately of little consequence, this is a chance to do things better. If you found your finances seriously strained by the process, you should now have a better idea of how much money you actually need to get you through the process.

Do a Better Job Protecting Your Assets

If you ask many divorcees what their one regret was from their divorce, it will probably have something to do with money or assets. Many people don't do a good enough job protecting their assets when going through their first divorce.

Unfortunately, because a second divorce is likely to come much later in life, your assets may have increased significantly. This means that you have a lot more to lose. A simple decision, such as choosing a different state in which to file the divorce, can make a huge difference in how many of these assets you end up losing.


4 February 2019