Busted But Not Responsible? Tips For Your Defense

If you've been arrested for a crime you didn't commit, you need to defend your legal rights. You have the right to an attorney who can help you present your case. After being wrongly accused of something myself, I learned quickly how to navigate the legal avenues to have my case dismissed. My attorney was a great resource for building the case, and because of my understanding of the law, it worked. I created this site to share what I learned along the way and some other great tips for others who have been wrongly accused and arrested for a crime.

Criminal Defense Considerations You Should Know

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The criminal courts can be one of the most intimidating parts of the legal system. Once a person finds themselves ensnared by the criminal court system, they will need to be thoroughly informed if they are to effectively defend themselves against the charges.

When Should You Start The Process Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A person should start the process of hiring a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In fact, it is usually advisable for a person to avoid answering questions until they have an attorney present. While police and law enforcement have wide-ranging abilities for getting information from defendants, those charged with crimes have essential rights throughout this process. Having an attorney present can help to ensure those rights are not violated.

Is Deportation Automatic For An Immigrant That Is Convicted Of A Crime?

The legal challenges that an immigrant will face upon arrest will be very different than those faced by a citizen. In addition to the risks of jail or fines, immigrants will also be faced with the prospect of deportation. This can be the case regardless of whether the immigrant's status was legal or illegal as complying with all applicable laws is a required part of the process of applying for citizenship. Due to the high stakes and complicated nature of these cases, immigrants charged with crimes may benefit from working with an attorney with ample experience defending immigrants against criminal charges. Otherwise, it will be essential for the defendant's immigration attorney and defense attorney to work closely together.

What Happens If A Conviction is Vacated?

There can be instances where a criminal conviction is obtained using unethical or illegal means. While these instances can be rare, it is possible for a defendant to have their conviction vacated. However, this process may not work in the way that most people would expect. Rather than the defendant being acquitted upon a vacated conviction, a new trial will be ordered. In some instances, the prosecution may decline to go through with the trial, but most defendants will find that they must win their second trial.

Those that are charged with crimes will often fail to appreciate their full range of rights or the extent of the consequences a conviction can have. When a defendant is aware of the impact their conviction could have on their immigration status, the need to retain an attorney as soon as possible as well as what to expect when vacating a conviction, these legal issues may be easier to manage.


8 January 2019