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Learn Important Things You Need To Know About Creating A Custody Agreement For A Child

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There are times when people have children together before they are married. This can create a very difficult situation because custody of the child will have to be established through the courts in order for an agreement to be legally binding. The following guide walks you through a few things that you need to know about creating a custody agreement for your child.

Paternity Must First be Established

In order for you to be able to get a custody agreement for your child, it must be proven who the father of the child is. A DNA test must be taken and submitted to the courts, if the father claims that they are not the father of the child. If the father signs a document that states he agrees that he is the father, a DNA test may not be required by the court.

Payment of Child Support Has Nothing to Do with Visitation Rights

There are many people who think that one parent can without visitation with the other parent if the parent is in arrears in their child support, but that is not the case. Even if someone has not paid their child support for months, it does not give the other parent the right to keep the child from them. The child support issue can be taken to court, but withholding the child from the other parent can get the custodial parent in serious trouble with the court system.

Establishing Custody Does Not Have to Be Difficult to Do

There are many people who think that establishing a custody agreement for a child is difficult to do, but it can actually be very easy. If you and the other parent can determine an agreement that works for the both of you and allows the child to spend ample time with each parent, the judge who presides over your case will more than likely agree to the agreement that the two of you establish. This ensures that the agreement works for both of your schedules and everyone is happy in the end.

If anything happens in the future where the agreement needs to be changed, it has to be done by the court in order for it to be legally binding. You and your ex can make agreements on your own, but law enforcement will only enforce the stipulations that are dictated in your custody agreement that is created by the court system. For more information, contact companies like Granowitz, White & Weber Attorneys at Law.


27 December 2017