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Why Does The Social Security Administration Reject Disability Claims?

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A significant portion of the applications for Social Security disability are denied each year. Unfortunately, when you apply for benefits, you could become one of those denials. To lower the chances of that happening, you need to understand some of the most common reasons that claims are denied.  

You Missed a Consultative Exam

Even though you are receiving treatment from your own doctors and provided your medical records to the Social Security Administration, or SSA, the agency might still ask that you undergo an examination with an independent medical examiner. The examiner's job is to determine the severity of your disability and whether or not treatment would allow you to go back to work.  

In some instances, the SSA might require more than one examination with more than one doctor. If you fail to attend any of the exams, your application for benefits could be denied. The SSA will claim that it did not have the information needed to make a fair assessment of your medical condition. To avoid a denial, go to all of the exams.  

You Can Work Another Position

Most people apply for disability benefits because they are no longer able to perform the duties required by their current job. Unfortunately, the SSA does not only consider the duties required for the current job. The agency pays more attention to your overall capabilities.  

For instance, if you are unable to work as a furniture mover anymore, but have computer certifications that would allow you to move to the technology field, the SSA could choose to deny your application based on the fact you could work in another field.  

It is important to remember when you are completing your application, that you have to prove to the SSA that working in any field is not possible. 

You Could Not Be Reached

Throughout the certification process, the SSA might contact you several times to request additional information or to even schedule an in-person interview. If the agency is unable to reach you, your application for benefits could be denied.  

To avoid this, verify that the SSA has your contact information, including your mobile phone number and email address. You also need to provide the agency with the contact information for at least two people who can reach you, if necessary.  

There are other factors that could lead to the SSA denying your application. Before submitting your application, consider reviewing your application with an experienced Social Security attorney. He or she can pinpoint problems that could lead to a denial before you submit the application.


4 January 2017