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When Your Injury Is Permanent: Workers' Comp And Permanent Disability

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If you have been injured at work so severely that you will likely never be able to return to your job, you may be wondering what workers' comp has in store for you. The determination of a permanent disability can be divided into 4 steps, so read on to learn more about this type of disability and what you can expect.

1. Once your injury has been reported to your supervisor and a workers' comp claim filled, you can expect to have all of your medical expenses paid and a portion of your lost wages paid while you try to recover at home. Make sure that you keep your medical appointments and comply with all treatment recommendations during this time, since failure to follow through could indicate to the insurance company that your injury is not severe enough to be benefit-eligible.

2. If some time has passed since your injury and you are still unable to return to work, the workers' comp insurance company may request that you undergo an independent medical exam (IME). If your injury was very catastrophic and the likely outcome could be predicted, your IME may take place quite soon after your injury. For example, if you are so severely injured in the workplace accident that you no longer have the use of an extremity, such as a leg or arm, the IME will be ordered sooner rather than later. An amputation injury is permanent, and further healing is not pertinent to your return to work.

3. Once your IME has been completed, you will be informed of the results shortly. If your medical condition is deemed to be unlikely to further improve, a finding of maximum medical improvement (MMI) will be assigned. This finding doesn't mean that you don't need any more medical care; on the the contrary: it means that your injury is permanent and no further improvements can be expected.

4. Once you are deemed permanently disabled, your benefits will likely change from a weekly check for a portion of your wages to a lump sum payment amount. For those who have a permanent partial disability, you may be offered an opportunity to attend vocational training that could put you back to work, at least part-time or light duty. It cannot be stressed enough how important the negotiations for the final settlement are. If you are unable to work, you will be looking at a lifetime of financial responsibility and the amount offered by the insurance company can vary depending your age, your education level and more.

Even if you have managed your workers' comp case on your own up to now, the services of a workers' comp attorney, like one from can Bishop Dorfman Kroupa & Bishop PC, be vital to ensure that you get the right settlement amount and structure, so call one today.


18 August 2016