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What Does And Does Not Impact Disability Benefits?

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After being approved for Social Security benefits, most people believe they never have to worry about the Social Security Administration again. However, this is not true. Changes in your life could have an impact on your benefits and result in them being terminated or lowered. If you are currently receiving benefits, here is what you need to know about possible changes. 

Can Marriage Impact Your Benefits?

Whether or not marriage can impact your disability benefits depends on the circumstances of your case. For instance, your benefits do not change if they are based on your own work record and disability. However, if your benefits are based on a deceased ex-spouse's work record and disability, remarrying ends your benefits. 

Does Getting Better Stop Your Benefits?

Disability benefits are based on a medical impairment. If your medical condition improves, then it is likely that your benefits will be terminated. 

For instance, if you are still impaired to the point at which you cannot work, you can continue to receive benefits. However, if your condition no longer limits your work ability, you can lose benefits. 

Even if you do not report your medical improvement, it is possible that the SSA will discover it. The SSA conducts periodic evaluations of disability benefits recipients. During the review, the agency can request your medical records. If it is discovered that your condition improved and you failed to report it, you could face criminal charges and have to repay the funds that you received. 

Will Working End Your Benefits?

Contrary to popular belief, receiving disability benefits does not mean that you are not allowed to work at all. In fact, the SSA allows you to return to work and still receive benefits. There is an earnings limit that must be respected though. 

In 2016, disability benefits recipients were allowed to earn up to $1,130 per month. It is important to note that the SSA allows a trial period when working. During the trial period of nine months during a 60-month period, you can earn as much as you want without it impacting your benefits.  

You do not have to notify the SSA of the start of your trial period. The trial is automatically triggered when you earn more than the allowed amount in any month. 

There are other situations that could have an impact on your disability benefits. Consult with an experienced disability attorney—like Bruce K Billman and lawyers from other firms—to find out what those situations are and what you can do if your benefits are decreased or terminated. 


11 February 2016