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Innovative Ways To Avoid Getting Hit By A Car

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As a pedestrian, how do you avoid getting hit by a car? The standard answers to this question include crossing the road only at designated points, avoiding cell phone use while crossing the road, and looking both ways before crossing. These are good pieces of advice, but they aren't the only ways of avoiding pedestrian accidents. Here are three more precautions you may not know about:

Make Eye Contact with the Oncoming Driver

Experienced drivers know how to distinguish between people who are just standing by the roadside and those who wish to cross. A pedestrian who is about to cross the road is likely to make eye contact with an oncoming driver to confirm that the driver is seeing them. You can use this to your advantage; try to make eye contact with the driver of the oncoming vehicle. In most cases, he or she will assume that you intend to cross the road and slow down or stop. It is not foolproof, but it reduces the chance of getting knocked over.

Be Alert At Crosswalks

Just because you are crossing at a crosswalk, it doesn't mean that you can throw all caution to the wind and still be safe. It is true that motorists should yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, but what if a driver doesn't know that he or she is entering a crosswalk?

Many people, including motorists, assume that all crosswalks are marked. However, there are unmarked crosswalks, such as the implicit ones at intersections and corners, which some people are not aware of. Be extra alert when crossing at such locations because the oncoming driver may not be aware of it.

Be Extra Careful In Bad Weather

It's easy to get hit in bad weather, even by well-meaning drivers. Here are four reasons for this increased risk:

  • Bad weather, such as rainfall or snowfall, decreases visibility.
  • Wet roads are slippery. This reduces tire traction on the road and makes maneuverability difficult.
  • Braking distances increase when the roads are slippery.

Therefore, a crossing distance that may be safe for good weather may be dangerous in inclement weather.

Accidents happen, and despite taking all precautions, you may still get hit by a car. If this happens, you should not assume that you aren't entitled to any compensation just because you (think) were at fault. After all, deciding fault isn't always a straightforward affair. Also, if the driver contributed to the accident, then you may be entitled to compensation even if you were also slightly at fault. For more information, contact a car accident attorney (like those at the Law Office Of Tammy Strohl PA).


13 October 2015