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Misconceptions About Family Mediation

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In legal disputes with other family members, the best recourse can sometimes be avoiding the courtroom and heading to mediation. Unfortunately, some people avoid mediation due to misconceptions about it. To help you understand why mediation is a good option, it is important to learn the truth about some of those misconceptions.  

Mediation Takes Too Long

One reason that some people shy away from going to mediation is that they believe it takes too long to get through it. However, this is not necessarily true. In some instances, mediation only requires a few sessions before a resolution can be reached. The amount of time that it takes is based upon how willing you and the other family member is to compromise with each other and resolve the issue. 

The Mediator Usually Sides With One Person

The mediator is not there to "side" with anyone. He or she is there as a negotiator between you and your family member. The whole point of mediation is to get a fair and unbiased person involved who can help you both reach a common ground. The mediator does not force his or her opinion on either party. If both parties are not able to reach a compromise, then other methods of settling the issue can be tried. 

Mediation Rarely Works

Another reason that people are reluctant to try mediation is the belief that it does not work. In actuality, mediation has been successful for many people. In fact, some judges even order both parties to mediation as an attempt to resolve the issue. Even if you and the family member do not have the best relationship, mediation can work. You both have to commit to resolve the issue and understand that sacrifices might be required of both of you.

Mediation Is Expensive

The only real cost associated with mediation is the fee for the mediator. How much you pay for the mediator depends largely on whether or not you are using a trained mediator, lawyer, or former judge. Lawyers and former judges tend to charge more for their assistance. There are some community-operated mediation services that offer trained professionals that charge less for their services. You and your family member can agree to split the cost to save money on the services. 

Family mediation is an opportunity for you and your family member to resolve issues without relying on the courts to make a decision for you. If you are still not convinced mediation is right for you, talk to a mediation service to learn more about the process.  


5 August 2015