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3 Effective Ways To Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents On Your Property

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Slip and fall cases are not ideal to deal with as a business owner, as they could cause your business to get sued by a personal injury attorney. To avoid these scenarios, these steps can be taken.

Put Ribbed Mats near Entry Doors

Customers walking into your building may have things on their shoes, such as dirt and debris. These things could potentially cause them to fall inside your building. This is why it's critical to put ribbed mats near all of your entry doors.

Customers can scrape things off their shoes thanks to the ribbed design on the surface of these mats. A vinyl backing prevents these mats from moving around, and beveled edges safeguard customers from tripping over the mats as they walk by.

A lot of these mats also have excellent absorbing qualities, helping them take moisture off your customers' shoes. This gives them adequate traction when walking inside.

Create a Safe Environment Inside

One of the most important things you can do in order to reduce slip and fall accidents is to create a safe environment inside. Make sure there are no obstructions on the floor, such as pallets or extension cords. Also, make sure the floors aren't wet. You can do this when you create an inspection checklist for your employees to complete before the store opens each day.

There shouldn't be any uneven walking surfaces, and the lighting shouldn't be dim. For steps, there should be handrails on the side, aiding people when going up or down them. It's important to inspect these things on a daily basis, because one accident could potentially shut down your business.

Fill in Potholes

A pivotal part of your business is the parking lot. This is where customers first go when going up to your store, so it's critical that there aren't any potholes. If there are, customers could potentially trip over them, causing them to sue your company.

One of the best things to use when filling in potholes is pourable asphalt filler. This filler is temperature-resistant, so no matter how hot or cold it gets, the filler will not break down. Also, this filler has a quick curing time, so you don't have to spend hours filling in the pothole.

First, clean out dirt from the pothole. Pour this asphalt filler inside the pothole, and give it several hours to dry. This filler dries to an asphalt black color, allowing it to match the rest of your parking lot.

Dealing with a slip and fall case as a business owner can be scary. Customers may reach out to a personal injury attorney, such as Frank L. Slaughter Jr. PC, and sue your company. You can decrease the chances of these events happening by taking the steps above.


24 November 2014