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How To Come Out Financially On Top After A Divorce

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During a divorce, you might be tempted to try to hurt your spouse. The events that led to the divorce in the first place might be fresh on your mind. But trying to hurt your spouse will often cause more problems, is unethical, and if you have children, this will simply hurt them. Your main focus should be to make sure that you are taken care of financially.

Take Your Time with the Divorce

One of the challenges of a divorce is that when emotions are running high, it can be difficult to think clearly about finances. When the divorce settlement is the difference between $70,000 and $80,000, it can be difficult to think rationally and make a smart financial decision. You might be tempted to try to get the divorce over with, but rushing through it too quickly will increase the likelihood that you make a mistake.

Your Partner's Debt Might Be a Factor

You will need to consider your partner's debt when getting a divorce, because your partner's debt will also be your debt. Therefore, in the settlement, you will want extra money to factor in that you may need to make payments to creditors. You may also need to make sure that your spouse is making payments. If he or she does not do this, this could adversely affect your credit.

Your spouse might try to raid your bank accounts. To prevent this, you will want to have your name put on various documents, including:

  • Bank Accounts

  • Utilities

  • Investment Accounts

If you suspect that your partner has additional accounts that you are not aware of, you will need to track down these accounts. Since half of these accounts belongs to you, you must know that they exist. Also, learn as much as possible about these accounts. Know the password to each account. Find out about which accounts have automatic payments.

Find Out Your Cost of Living As Soon As Possible

After a divorce, your living situation will change quite a bit. It can be difficult to know what your living expenses will be. Therefore, you should try to calculate your cost of living as soon as possible so that this can be factored into your argument for why you deserve a specific settlement.

Be Prepared for the Cost

Divorces can be very expensive and you will want to make sure that you have the means to carry it out. A divorce can cost between a few thousand and tens of thousands of dollars. What matters is whether the divorce is straightforward or if it will need niche experts. For example, if your partner owns a business, you may need additional experts to determine the value of the business. However, with persistence, you will be okay after the divorce.  Don't forget to speak to divorce lawyers for advice about your specific financial situation.


19 November 2014