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Co-Parenting And Divorce: Five Things To Remember

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Divorce is never an easy transition, especially for children who may be caught in the middle of warring parents. While you and your spouse may not see eye-to-eye, especially while you are navigating the path to finalizing your divorce, when it comes to parenting your children, you should be on the same page. Positive co-parenting can provide your children with stability even in the midst of life changes. 

Don't Fight in Front of the Kids

While this may be a given, it can become very difficult if you and your ex are at odds. Even if you disagree with something your ex has done during his or her parenting time, save your angst for later and make the parenting exchanges a positive experience for your children. 

Always Say Something Nice

You may want to say a lot of things to your ex, but when your children are present keep it short and if not sweet, at least civil. When talking to your kids about your spouse don't let your built up tension overflow. Focus on something positive and point out to your kids that their dad always remembers their favorite foods, or that their mom never fails to remember to pack their favorite pajamas. Make being positive the rule instead of just the exception. 

Make Events a Family Thing

Children have many activities and events that can bring families together, even when they would rather be apart. If you or your spouse has moved on and are involved in another serious relationship, remember that this new person may be an important part of your children's lives and should be included in sporting events, conferences, and other important events. 

Don't Make Your Kids Choose

Sometimes despite your best efforts you find yourself facing off with your ex. Don't put your kids in the middle or place them in the position where they have to choose—you may think you are the winner—but they will resent your forcing them to give up their other parent. 

Model Respect and Trust

Even if you don't respect or trust your ex on a personal level, remember that your children are and will always be a part of them. Disrespecting their other parent can make them feel as if there is something wrong with them. It is important (unless there are true safety issues) that children have ongoing and positive relationships with BOTH their parents. Your children need to trust that you and your ex are working together and they can trust both of you to make the right decisions. 

As you navigate co-parenting, you may want to meet with an attorney who can explain how to protect your rights without infringing on the rights of your ex, especially as your children grow and situations change. Remember, you relationship with your ex may have changed, but your children's shouldn't.  


19 November 2014