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If you've been arrested for a crime you didn't commit, you need to defend your legal rights. You have the right to an attorney who can help you present your case. After being wrongly accused of something myself, I learned quickly how to navigate the legal avenues to have my case dismissed. My attorney was a great resource for building the case, and because of my understanding of the law, it worked. I created this site to share what I learned along the way and some other great tips for others who have been wrongly accused and arrested for a crime.

8 Tips To Follow If You're In A Parking Lot Accident

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Parking lots are a common scene for car accidents. From the volume of cars to the inattentiveness of some drivers as they pull in and out of spaces and drive through the lot, it's not very surprising that many accidents occur.

These eight tips can help ensure that if you need to file an insurance claim or bring a legal case against the other driver, you'll be better prepared. They'll also help protect you if claims are made against you:

1. Call the police.

Sometimes they'll respond to a parking lot accident, but often they won't. In that case, make a drawing of the scene that represents the setting and what happened.

2. Check for a security guard.

If you're in a parking lot that is used by several stores or one that's very busy, they may have their own security guard. He or she may have witnessed the accident. Even if that's not the case, the guard may be able to help out by filing an accident report with store management, getting contact information from the other driver, and corroborating your version of events.

3. Take photos and video.

Even if the other driver admits fault, make sure to take photos and video with your cell phone. The other driver could change his or her story after the fact, so you'll want to take photos to help prove your account of events. Take a close photo of any damage to both vehicles, as well as a photo from farther away that shows some perspective, including any stop signs or other evidence.

4. Get insurance and license information.

Write down insurance information from the other driver, as well as his or her driver's license information. Both of these are important, because the driver may not necessarily be the owner. If the driver was operating a company vehicle, for example, his or her employer could share responsibility for any damages. The same applies to a teenager who's driving his parent's car – you'll want his information as well as the parent's. This is important for any insurance or legal claims you may make.

5. Locate witnesses.

Get contact information from any witnesses who may have seen what happened. If possible, get them to write out a brief description of what happened.

6. Check for security footage.

Check with nearby stores to see if they have cameras in the parking lot or individual store cameras with a view of the lot. The more quickly you see if this evidence is available, the better, because this information could be automatically erased as often as weekly.

7. Don't agree to anything.

If the other driver offers to accept payment for any damage and not bother calling the police or insurance company, don't do it. He or she could later use your payment against you as an admission of guilt and could still file an insurance claim against you or sue you.

8. Leave a note if necessary.

If you hit a parked, unoccupied car, don't drive off without leaving your information or attempting to contact the vehicle's owner. It's not good behavior, of course, but you could also open yourself up to a hit-and-run charge. Your actions may have been seen by witnesses or parking lot security cameras, and you could turn a very minor situation into something more serious. Again, take photos so the owner of the other vehicle can't exaggerate damage claims or even say that they were in the vehicle at the time and suffered injuries.

If you were involved in a parking lot accident and are contemplating legal action, a car accident lawyer with experience in auto accident cases can help you with advice and representation. He or she can also help defend you if legal action is brought against you.


19 November 2014